• Ensure proper fit - making sure nose and mouth are completely covered.   The KN95 should have a complete seal all around. 
  • Mold the the respirator over the bridge of your nose.  
  • Always wear your KN95 mask when you're in any situation where people may come inside your 6 foot protective zone.    
  • Wear your KN95 mask when you go outside your safe home to go shopping.  Experts tell us to assume everyone you meet may be carrying the coronavirus even if they're not sick... and even if they are wearing a face mask, or homemade mask.
  • Don't trust their protection  .. trust yours.
  • Wear your mask when your are around a sick person.
  • Treat your KN95 mask as if it was a precious jewel.    After use hang it on a hook in open air/sunlight.     
  • Handle your KN95 mask by only touching the ear loops.
  • Wash your hands after use.
  • Wear your mask on multiple occasions.   


  • Don't share your mask with others
  • Don't touch the outside on the mask.  It may be contaminated 
  • Don't try to clean or wash your mask.
  • Don't microwave the mask.  It has a metal strip inside